September 01, 2014

NEXUS Negotiations Updates

Nexus Negotiations Update - June 26, 2014

Last week the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) met for a two-day mediated session with the company and NMB mediator. During the session the JNC presented to the Company a non-concessionary JCBA proposal that sought improvements in those areas of the rejected TA that pilots in polls, survey results and other forms of feedback had indicated were concessionary or unacceptable.

Discussions among the participants were spirited.  Your JNC reiterated that the clear will of both pilot groups was that the JCBA must not be concessionary for either group.  The company maintained that the opening proposal would significantly exceed the rest of the fee-for-departure industry, would ensure a more rapid decline in the company’s financial position, and would make it unable to secure future flying.  This led to discussions between the JNC and company about different views of what constituted concessions and what cost structure the company should accept.  The parties also frankly discussed the difficulties of reaching an agreement that was acceptable to the company without being concessionary for either pilot group.   
In the face of these obstacles, the Company stated that making its own comprehensive proposal at that time would likely be counter-productive to reaching agreement.   Nonetheless, the company reaffirmed its commitment to reaching a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement (JCBA) in an expeditious timeframe and agreed to re-engage in negotiations the week of July 21st.
In the meantime, the JNC will continue to discuss with both MECs potential ways to address these obstacles and reach a JCBA in an expeditious timeframe.


Nexus Update - June 10, 2014

This week the Joint Negotiations Committee (JNC) completed the redevelopment of the Nexus website. The new site contains updates, negotiations information, Family Awareness and P2P information.

The main page includes a Negotiations Tracker that will show the progress of all 31 sections of the JCBA so that pilots can quickly chart how far away the group is from a tentative agreement.  Also included is the complete library of Nexus Knowledge Base articles, with details on the structure of ALPA, our pilot groups, the RLA, the NMB and our bargaining process. And the site is also your one-stop shop for learning details of upcoming joint meetings and family awareness events.
Also new is a web discussion forum, where pilots from both groups can ask questions and receive feedback directly from the JNC, MEC chairmen, and other relevant committee and staff members. The forum has sections to discuss the various components of the contract, and separate sub-sections just for the ASA and XJT groups.

Nexus Negotiations Update - June 8, 2014

Last week your Joint Negotiating Committee has finalized its opening proposal for a new Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement. The JNC will present the proposal to the joint MECs for consideration and to receive direction from the pilot representatives before moving forward to present the JCBA opener to the mediator and company negotiators. The collaborative effort between both MEC negotiating committees has produced a report that will be used by the MECs next week as they deliberate the negotiations strategy moving forward.


While the JNC report to the MECs will be held in executive session, much of the rest of the MEC meetings will be open to all pilots. Negotiating committee members will be available for discussion with pilots when not in session and the MEC welcomes pilot comment during the meeting. Please reference the Speaker’s Corner times listed in the meeting agenda sent out by each MEC; if you wish to ask a question of the MEC or JNC.

Pilots are again encouraged to attend the meeting beginning tomorrow, June 9th, 2014 through the 12th, if available. Your representatives are also available by email and phone. The JNC is also accessible by email at JNC@alpa.org.

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